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Pastor:  Jason Doyle



As it tends to happen at times, the Lord moves and adjust His Church. While my wife and I have moved out of the park this Church was held in, and the Sunday meetings have disbanded, we would not call this endeavor in Gods work a failure. 

Many were healed through this ministry, many made leaps and bounds in their faith (especially myself!). 

While the Lord has closed this door, I will maintain this site, and will continue to work as the Lord moves me. Posting as the Lord calls me to. 

I want to thank all that made this church plant what it was, and earnestly hope those that participated got fed in word. 

Pastor Jason Doyle, May 2016


For Historical Purposes:

Grandview Grace Community Church was founded in 2014.

It started as a small bible study.  We are the first daughter church of Grace Community Church of Mount Vernon in central Ohio.

We meet at the pastors mobile home in Grandview Mobile Home Park (Lot 24 A).

We serve dinner at 5:30 pm Sunday evening, followed by service at 6:00 pm.


Why We Are Different:

Most Church buildings you go to hold service the same way.  The congregation sits, faces the pastor, and he delivers a sermon.  While this works for a lot of people, it is difficult to really understand what is being taught sometimes.  We at Grandview Grace Community Church do things a bit different.  Our Pastor records his sermon on Monday or Tuesday and post it to this site (or as a podcast).  Then, we meet on Sunday evening together for praise and worship.  In addition, we spend the time that would normally be taken up by hearing a sermon, and we bring our questions and thoughts about what was recorded earlier in the week.  This allows us to have some very deep and relevant discussions about God and our faith.  In addition, it offers us an opportunity to ask questions that a normal Church format just doesn’t allow.  Each and every member of the congregation brings something different, and being able to have a group conversation allows each of us, and the Pastor, to participate in the learning and teaching of our faith equally.

If you are interested in learning more about how we hold Church service, feel free to reach out to us via the contact form in the link above.


The Daughter Church Approach:

Our parent church believes that the best way to reach a community is not to simply bring them to your church building, but to bring God’s church to them.  This is how this church moved up from a simple bible study. The goal is to put the church where it is needed, right in the communities, where we can build strong relationships with God and with each other.  With the church being located within the community it serves, the congregation can better search one another, and be available when crisis arises, and when joys are to be shared.

In addition, this small church approach allows us to better serve one another.  Nobody is lost in the congregation.

If you would like more information about our church, or would like to get in touch with the Pastor, use the contact form in the menu.

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