Sermon: 12/21/2014 – Christ the Redeemer is Born


Do you know the story?  Do you really?  This evening we dived into the Christmas story from Matthew and Luke.

Matthew 1:18 – 2:12

Luke 2:1 – 2:20

The primary focus for us is seperating what the media has claimed as truth, and what the Bible says is truth.  I let you guess which one I stand by.

I’m happy we can post the sermon audio up, but boy do I wish you all could hear some of the discussion that comes about after the sermon.  One thing we really pride ourselves in at Grandview Grace Community Church is our discussions.  We absolutely love it when someone ask a question.  In fact, it will keep a pastor like me on my toes, when my congregation can make me think, I know we are really doing something here.


Thank you local congregation.

Remote people, please feel free to register and leave a comment with a question below, I would be happy to get some dialog going with you!


Speakers on Sunday December 21st:

Pastor Jason Doyle

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  1. lisayurco

    Wonderful service. I really learned a lot. It is funny that the stories you hear at Christmas are so embellished that you aren’t sure of the truth. I will be spending time with my bible tonight and learning as much as possible. Thank you Pastor Jason Doyle.

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